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Secrets Romance Box Set (1 - 6): Box Set

By Rachel K. Stone

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I never knew how delicious life could be until I allowed myself to experience the forbidden temptations that consumed my desires. Immerse yourself into a book series filled with delicious and sensual pleasures, detailed steamy scenes, thrills, and suspense. Each book is a standalone story with no cliffhanger or cheating.

Book 1 The Tyrant's Secret Safe House
Book 2 The Tyrant's Secret Cabin
Book 3 The Tyran'ts Island Compound
Book 4 The Ruthless Billionaire Boss
Book 5 Adrian
Book 6 Secret Dark Desires

The Billionaire's Favor
The Rise of Adrian (Prequel to Book 5 Adrian)
Triggers: Some books contain light violence and forced captivity.
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Book Length: 650+ Pages

Rachel K. Stone