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Snowed In with My Best Friend's Dad: An Age Gap, Secret Pregnancy, Christmas Romance (Heart of Hope)

By Ajme Williams

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3 things I want to do to my best friend’s dad:
1. Slap him for being a cold, domineering and rude prick
2. Kiss him for being the hottest older man I’ve ever met
3. Climb into his bed when we’re snowed in for Christmas…

I never meant to hookup with my best friend’s dad… But when we’re forced together during the merriest time of the year, I end up falling into his bed… and into his heart.

He may be a jerk, but Brett McKinnon is also totally irresistible. And off-limits… forever.

My friend would never forgive me for sleeping with her father…

Much less if she found out our heated encounter left me pregnant with Brett’s baby. A man who is old enough to be my father.

I grew up with nothing and worked hard for everything in my life. This surprise pregnancy feels like a curse destined to ruin my life along with Brett’s.

That’s why I’m never, ever telling him.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Ajme Williams