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Secret Dark Desires: Dark Age Gap Romance (Secrets Book 6)

By Rachel K. Stone

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The thrill of an amusement park ride.
The hot older man sitting next to me on the Haunted Mansion ride.
His hand between my legs while I try not to scream out in ecstasy…

Most people think I’m conservative with a journalism degree. If they only knew. Naughty experiences are a must if you want to live life to the fullest. Getting caught in public doing something dirty is what it’s all about. This year, we plan our yearly girl trip around amusement parks. But this trip is turning out to be one of the worst and could be my very last … because I disappear off the face of the earth and no one can find me.

Victor is a handsome fifty-two-year-old male with a hot body. He catches my eye. The longer I study him, the more I crave his hands all over me. I pick a dark amusement park ride, and he provides the sensual thrills. He is a smooth talker, and it really turns me on.

Everything is going as planned until my obsession with the taboo changes into something dark and life-threatening. Now, I regret my life choices … because the results may very well lead to my death.

Book 6 in the Secrets Series

A thrilling and steamy rollercoaster ride into the depths of darkness where things are not what they seem: no cliffhanger or cheating.

Triggers: Force captivity, mild violence
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Rachel K. Stone