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Year of the Rabbit

By Anni Lee

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Would you like sprinkles on your Murder Cupcakes?

Half rabbit shifter, half warlock Leveret Wong has a knack for guessing the needs of every customer who walks into his family’s magical bakery. From sleep-inducing raspberry buttercream to aphrodisiac scones, Levy has the remedy hot from the oven.

The only person Levy can’t seem to fix? Himself. So his overbearing mother sends him to enchanted, mysterious Graves Academy, where his life is thrown into chaos by his devious professor, snake shifter Jun Shen.

Eliot Rand, the dog shifter on the endless wheel of the Chinese Zodiac, can think of only one way to break free of the harsh rule of the stars. Attend Graves, find his fated rabbit-shifter mate, and reject him once and for all. Everything is going as planned—until he takes a job working with sweet, nerdy Levy, whose quiet nature *almost* hides the damage dealt by a painful past.

And Eliot remembers too late that under the light of a Full Moon, desires turn scorching hot—and *fated mates* takes on a whole new meaning of dark and dangerous design.

Set in the same Universe as The Zodiac Werewolf, this is the first book in the Shifters of the Chinese Zodiac MM Romance Series. Readers can expect sarcastic humor, creative mythology, themes of hurt/comfort, enticing villains, fated mates, morally grey love interests, male male relationships, and slow burn love that turns scorching hot.

While there are many moments of fun and spice and fabulous dessert descriptions, this is still a dark work of fiction. Please check the author's website for CWs.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Anni Lee