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Stay With You

By Melanie Shawn

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Just when Chrissy Caldwell thought things couldn’t get any worse, life showed up and said, “Hold my beer.”

The past year had been a living nightmare, one she couldn’t seem to wake up from. Thanks to her husband skipping town with his twenty-one-year-old assistant and defaulting on the mortgage, Chrissy was moving back into her great-aunt’s dilapidated ranch-style home with her four kids—which was not in her life plan but she was trying to make the best of it. So when her mysterious neighbor, who according to her friends was a Zaddy, offered to help with renovations she figured, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?

Ford Savage was used to life throwing him curve balls. He just never would’ve expected one to come at him in the form of a hot blonde who was a single mom to four kids.

After raising twin girls as a single father and spending his days on construction sites, Ford was ready to live out his early retirement on his terms, which included solitude and fishing. So he ditched the big city, moved to a town the size of a postage stamp, and bought a house in the middle of nowhere without a neighbor in sight. His recluse plans hit a snag when the abandoned house down the road was suddenly inhabited by a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his childhood crush and her four kids. The best thing to do would be to keep his distance. His head knew that, he just wasn’t sure his heart or hormones got the memo.

Author’s Note: Stay With You is a small-town, dual single-parent, next door neighbor, age gap romance. This tale of love features a type-A heroine who is down on her luck and a tattooed hero who is done being a white knight. Rounding out this fairytale cast is not one but two rescue dogs, a total of six children (can you say Brady Bunch?), supportive AKA meddling family and friends, and geriatric cupids who have their arrows cocked and ready to shoot. Caution: this book may restore your faith in love and humanity. Read at your own risk.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages