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Dealing with the Devil

By Vicki Tharp

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An anonymous hookup is a great way for Jericho to exorcise his demons…
And the woman in his sights might be an angel in disguise…
An angel with a sinful body and a dirty mind.

Arriving at his new job, Jericho never expects to find the woman there. He should steer clear, but he can’t get Cassie out of his head.

Even if he’s the worst man for her.

Jericho is far from perfect, but Cassie doesn’t need perfection. She needs honesty. Even though Jericho discloses a big secret, there’s more that he’s hiding.

If Cassie’s gambler father taught her nothing else, at least he taught her how to spot the lies.

When they’re thrown together to help catch a killer, they could lose more than themselves. They could lose their lives.

But life is a gamble.

Can Jericho make peace with his past and be the man Cassie needs, or will his demons win?


Book Length: 150-320 Pages