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Billionaire Boss Proposal

By Brandy Piker

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Who's this mysterious billionaire who offers a marriage proposal with my parents?

Holy Cow!

It’s Mr. Rhys Adler…My grumpy boss!

Saying yes to this arrangement will save my family's business.

But it isn’t how I imagined my life would be, not even for my son.

My boss’s presence is an ice storm, freezing every corner of my world.

Yet, I won’t let my sassy charm get discouraged by his alpha persona.

My worries? He’s going to be my kid’s stepdad!

Wait, there’s more…

He is also the father of my unborn child from a one-night stand.

The stress… Urgh!

But as we share our world, beneath his tough exterior, he ignites a wildfire within me.

Colorful changes emerge until…

A secret of our past collides with our present desires.

I'm left questioning if the love we've found can weather the storm,

or if history will just repeat itself once more.
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Book Length: 60-150 Pages