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All the Stars

By Duckie Mack

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Sometimes, the one you need was right in front of you all along.

Rider doesn’t have a lot of rules when it comes to guys, but there is one- he doesn’t date, not ever. He’s content with random hookups because dating means too much. That’s reserved for the one person he knows he can never have, his best friend, Cameron.

After watching his own family fall apart, Cam longs for someone who will stick it out through thick and thin. He’s had a string of girlfriends that never seem to be the right one. The one person he can always count on is Rider.

One night out changes everything between them. When Rider ends up telling Cam the secret he’s been hiding, Cam is left reeling. But will an accident end Cam’s chances to figure out what it means for them?

The Love Bank Romance series features stand-alone stories that can be read individually, but I recommend reading the series to see your favorite characters again.

ASIN: B09884LPJ3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Duckie Mack