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Ariana's Hero

By Gia Cobie

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How could everything go so terribly wrong?
It was just supposed to be a harmless date. Over drinks one night at the wine bar, my friend convinced me it would be a good idea.
It wasn’t. The harmless date turned into the most terrifying night of my life—one that I barely escaped from. This time, at least.
Because even though I’m safe for now, he still knows where I live.
It would be enough to break me, except… I’m not alone in this. Not anymore.
Now I have Cash. Not just the firefighter who came to my rescue, but also one of my oldest friends. Cash, the man who’s held a piece of my heart since I was fourteen.
When he brings me to his house for protection, I know I’ll be safe. I just have to keep my heart the same way.

It was just another call… until I realized who I was helping.
When we responded to the call, my concern was doing my duty. In a small town, there was always a chance of knowing the victim, but I never imagined I’d see her face looking back at me.
Ariana. My Ari.
The woman who stood by me through some of the hardest times of my life. One of the kindest people I know. My oldest friend.
To see her scared and hurting and in danger… I would do anything to protect her.
But the danger follows us home, and it’s only getting worse.
And the stakes are higher than ever before, because Ari's becoming much more than a friend. She’s the woman I’m falling for.

Ariana’s Hero is the first novel in the small town romantic suspense series, Heroes of Sleepy Hollow. It has a millionaire hero who volunteers as a firefighter, a smart and strong heroine, friends to lovers, forced proximity, twists and turns, lots of sweet moments, and a healthy dose of steam!


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Gia Cobie