By Harmony Noble

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“This was a charming and endearing tale told in a fresh and unique voice. And just like the characters did in Mary’s cabin, I’d definitely recommend brewing a mug or two of hot chocolate to enjoy as you read.”

—Cindy B.R. on Crashing Into Love

Will opposites attract when cultures clash in this sapphic wilderness adventure?

In the untamed beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, a chance encounter sparks a love that defies all expectations. Harmony Noble's sweet, queer, fast-paced novella, “Wilderness Rescue: Crashing Into Love,” sweeps you away on a thrilling adventure of survival and romance.

Riley, a determined city nurse, never imagined her life would intersect with the respected village elder, Mary, whose spirit is as fierce as an Alaskan snowstorm. When a twist of fate strands Riley in the heart of the wild, she discovers the strength within herself she never knew existed. Mary, on the other hand, grapples with emotions that challenge centuries-old traditions and her role as a respected Yup'ik Elder.

As these two women from vastly different worlds collide amidst the rugged terrain and icy winds, their undeniable chemistry ignites a love story that transcends cultural boundaries. Will their hearts withstand the trials of the wilderness and the clash of their contrasting backgrounds?

Join Riley and Mary on a breathtaking sapphic adventure—a tale of love against all odds, where the untamed beauty of Alaska mirrors the untamed passions of the heart.

Harmony Noble's WILDERNESS RESCUE: Crashing into Love is the 1st novella (short, fast-paced novel) in this sweet, sapphic romance stand-alone series about Alaskan survival and overcoming obstacles to find love.

When big city nurse Riley finds herself stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, she never expects to be rescued by a beautiful, strong-willed lesbian. Village Elder Mary is confronted with feelings that make her question her traditions and the expectation of being a Yup’ik Elder. Will opposites attract when cultures clash in this sapphic wilderness adventure?

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“I loved learning more about Alaska. . . I also loved how they took their time falling in love. . . and when they finally got their happy ending, it was super satisfying.”

—Sarah Mendes on Crashing Into Love

“. . . Really Good! I loved the interactivity of all the characters. The blossoming feelings between Elder Mary and Nurse Riley are tangible.”



Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Harmony Noble