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Forbidden Lust in Paris

By Rachel K. Stone

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A Paris Rembrandt’s art exhibit.
A chance meeting with an intriguing, mature male university professor.
And my moans of passion in between fine works of art and the professor’s bedsheets.

Some may call me conservative, as I pride myself on being selective when it comes to men. I’m also selective in my work as a museum curator and event specialist. Everything needs to be right, exact, with impeccable detail. That’s what makes me good at my job.

But that was before I met Professor Peter Dockery, with his gorgeous black hair, just the right amount of gray at the temples, deep brown eyes, six-foot athletic build, and a package between his legs to match. I didn’t realize destiny would have other plans for me.

Just when I thought I had balanced my love life and my job, happiness eluded me. Perhaps it’s all a fantasy I’ve created in my head, molding it to my desires.

A long-distance relationship between New York and Paris is challenging, and trying too hard to hang on makes me look desperate. But if I don’t try, I might lose the one person who makes me feel safe, loved, and whole. Destiny is an unkind ally when it comes to intimacy and love.

Things get wet and steamy in this age-gap romance. No cheating, no cliffhanger.

Books in the Series
Book 1 Forbidden Love
Book 2 It Was Never Meant to Be
Book 3 Forbidden Lust in Paris
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ISBN: 9798873665709

Book Length: 320-650 Pages