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Healer Mail Order Bride And Her Wounded Banker

By Florence Linnington

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She can heal the wounded, but can she heal a wounded heart?

Roy has come to the small town of Evergreen, Wyoming to give the area
its first bank. Though he is kind and quiet, he carries a great pain
within him. His one desire is to find a peaceful, uneventful life in the
small community, and it looks like he is going to get exactly what he

Until Martha Schmitt arrives.

Originally from Germany, Martha finds herself tricked into making the journey to America.

she arrives and finds that things are not as they seem, she flees to
Evergreen where she is taken in by the mayor of the town. As Martha
learns to settle down in her new home, she continues to cross paths with
the mysterious, stoic Alexander.

When an unexpected threat comes
to Evergreen and threatens to steal Martha away, the couple’s bond is
tested in a way it has never been before.

Will the newfound love be strong enough to save Martha and to pull Alexander out of his past?
Or will this threat ultimately tear their love asunder?
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