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Flash Point

By Amy Knupp

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"A fantastic book. A perfect ending!" —Reader review

Her secret connects them in a way he’s never imagined.

Becoming an ER doctor is the second hardest thing Rachel Culver has ever done. The hardest was losing her beloved twin sister two years ago. As a medical resident living far from her family, Rachel was able to keep her grief at a distance. But now that she’s back on San Amaro Island, there’s no avoiding her anguish…or her guilty secret.

Cale Jackson is a rescuer at heart, both in his job as fire lieutenant and outside of it. But his fiancée’s heartbreaking death derailed him, and he’s been focused on healing himself ever since. When he runs into her sister, Rachel, in the ER, he suspects she’s struggling even more than he is, and he reaches out.

Rachel’s an expert at keeping people at arm’s length, but the secret she’s keeping from Cale connects them in a way he’s never imagined. If she tells him the truth, will it bring them closer…or scare him off forever?

Flash Point is a stand-alone novel with a happy ever after in the Island Fire series.

Dive into this sexy, engrossing series today!


Book Length: 150-320 Pages