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Another Summer

By Sue Lilley

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Old hurts run deep. Is forgiveness out of the question? A race against time and an impossible dilemma. Steamy, passionate and unpredictable romance.

Who does Evie truly want – the mesmerising rock singer or the bad-boy soulmate who broke her heart?

Stranded in remote and stormy Cornwall, Evie is staring into an empty future. Joe is the only man she ever loved, since that long hot summer when she was sixteen. But he wrecked everything and their marriage is over.

Rocker Jake is hot and tempting. He sweeps her off her feet, promising escape and adventure. It’s her chance to show Joe she doesn’t need him. To grasp her own happy ending. 

But Joe has come to his senses. He sets off on a perilous road-trip. He’s determined to convince Evie he loves her and bring her home. But how will he persuade her to give him one last chance? Does he even deserve one?

As Evie prepares to leave with Jake, Joe’s in a race against the clock. Road conditions are treacherous. Will he be trapped in the floods and run out of time?

Set in the windswept wilds of Poldark country, this award-winning romance is the sizzling second-chances page-turner you won’t want to miss.

Winner of the Literary Titan Silver Award, Another Summer is a sexy tale of bad choices and new beginnings. Evie’s dilemma is sure to melt your heart.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Sue Lilley