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Two Sugar Daddies' Virgin

By Nicole Casey

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What the hell was I thinking agreeing to a relationship with two, bisexual sugar daddies?


My dream school, Yale, isn’t on the cards for me unless I can come up with cash, fast.
Desperate, at the suggestion of my daring friend, I join a sugar daddy website.
I expect a sleazy, old creep, eager to pop my cherry.
Instead, I get the most handsome man I’ve ever seen–Matt.
Athletic, dark, and tall, he’s the first man I can imagine going all the way with.
That is, until I discover this wasn’t his idea but his partner’s - his older, Italian, male partner’s.
You see, Matt is bisexual and in a loving partnership with another man.
I’m to be a paid companion, nothing more.
Wow, talk about crushing a girl’s hopes!
Despite my intentions to protect my heart, I can’t help but connect with Matt.
Sparks fly, and soon, our clothes come off.
Which is when his silver fox partner walks in on us…
Tension rolls off in waves from Leandro.
This was his idea. But now he doesn’t look too happy.
I should be afraid of this demanding Alpha type.
Instead, I feel drawn to him.
His intense, confident way turns me on.
I’ve never considered a threesome, until now.
Every fiber of my being wants to be ravished by them.
They are too happy to oblige.

As summer and thus our relationship agreement comes to an end, I don’t think I can go back to the way life was before.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Nicole Casey