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All That's Unspoken

By Constance Phillips

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What they left behind will either help them heal…or destroy them both.

Eight years after she left, Hailey Lambert is back in Caseville Michigan, the small town she couldn't wait to flee, helping her siblings settle some family business following her mother’s death. With her father moved to a nursing home, they’ll need to rent out the family farm—but the only prospective tenant is a potential problem for Hailey, who refuses to let him into her life…again.

After his high school sweetheart left him behind, Nate tried to leave Caseville, too. But life dealt him a different hand of cards. Now he's back for the sake of his daughter, and leasing the Lambert farm is the only way he can get her the horse she’s been prescribed as therapy for her speech disorder.

Only one thing stands in his way: Hailey Lambert, the woman who left him eight years ago without even saying goodbye.
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Constance Phillips