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The Cowboy's Stolen Heart

By Jean Oram

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NYC fashion model Laura Oakes longs to be taken seriously. When an
inheritance brings her to Sweetheart Creek, Texas, she shucks her old
life and dives headlong into small town living. Too bad the handsome and
serious cowboy Levi Wylder she’s crushing on sees her as nothing more
than a princess.

Was it the sparkly cowboy boots? Because it
couldn’t be due to how she stepped in and calmed that rearing horse
outside his stable.

The last thing Levi Wylder needs is a
high-maintenance woman interfering with his plans. But that’s exactly
what he gets when his family ranch suddenly finds itself without a
riding stable manager. And the only person he can find to fill those
empty boots is a woman who buys her footwear based on looks alone.

when Laura steps into the ring, Levi discovers there’s something about
this beautiful stranger that he completely underestimated—such as her
ability to steal his well-protected heart.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages