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Intrigued by Her True Colors

By Elaine Shields

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After the crushing loss of her mother, Louisa’s upbringing has been completely different than any other girl’s. Yet she’s come to love working at her family’s ranch and wearing men’s clothes. Her carefree life is about to change forever, though, when her family forces her to marry. While doing everything in her power to sabotage this wedding, she becomes surprisingly smitten with her husband-to-be, and eventually gets hurt by his plans to cancel their union. However, something deep inside her tells her to stay in town and try to build a brand new life for herself. After a peculiar turn of events, Lou will realize that Everett may not be the person she had in mind... Will she find it in her heart to move past his rejection and forgive him?

Everett is devastated to discover that his fiancée has decided to marry someone else. To help him recover from the heartache, his mother sets up an arranged marriage with a seemingly lovely girl, Louisa. Everett’s heart rises with the notion that his wish of a wife and family is almost within reach, but that is until she shows up looking nothing like her picture...Shocked at her poor manners and boyish ways, Everett feels tricked and is disappointed by love once again. To his surprise, though, he soon becomes aware of her unique beauty and brave self and can’t help but wonder if he made a mistake rejecting her... Is his chance to win her heart forever lost?

Just a few times of running into each other will be enough for them to develop powerful, yet unexpected feelings. As if by fate, Lou and Everett will soon find themselves drawn to one another in spite of their differences. When they finally realize their hearts shiver for each other, will they be able to climb the wall they’ve built between them or will they be forever doomed to regret their less than perfect first meeting?

"Intrigued by Her True Colors" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 55,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages