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Double Hockey Sticks

By Nixie Finn

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Two Hockey Stars + One Shy Barista
Star hockey player Derick McClure has been secretly in love with his teammate, Andres, for years.

Unable to confess his feelings, Derick plays matchmaker, hoping to bury his emotions by setting Andres up with someone else.

When Derick successfully pairs Andres with the captivating Rochelle, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her as well. Both men discover an instant and profound connection with her that goes beyond friendship.

In the process of helping Rochelle build her confidence, they uncover their own desires and have to decide whether it’s worth risking it all for a chance at happiness.

A quick read, steamy stand-alone with no cheating and no cliff-hangers. And enough heat to melt the ice!

Join Derick, Andres, and Rochelle on an expected journey of passion and growth that will curl your toes and leave you yearning for more.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages


Nixie Finn