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Gracie C. McKeever's Special Collection 2 [Box Set 52]

By Gracie C. McKeever

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[Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Interracial, Paranormal]

In Eternal Designs, marriage counselor Gale Sinclair breaks his cardinal rule and falls in love with his client. Zoelle Sutherland calls for help one stormy night, and Gale is killed in route to her. When Zoelle’s estranged husband Laurent Crews is murdered after threatening a takeover of her interior design firm, Gale wakes up in his body and realizes that death has given him a chance—to love Zoelle.

In Between Darkness and Daylight, skeptical Nova Foxx has a near-fatal mountain climbing accident which ignites her dormant psychic abilities. But this gift comes with responsibilities, and she is compelled to find a stranger and save his life. Zane Youngblood is a high school social worker intent on saving the world one child at a time, including the one he is raising. Can Nova convince him without revealing who she is or how she knows someone is threatening him?

In The Wolf in the Mansion, reclusive Lincoln McCabe is thrown off-kilter when he encounters Deja Hamilton, a near-perfect physical replica of his dead wife. Lincoln’s blue eyes have haunted her since she started at McCabe & Associates, and even though their reuniting is neither ideal nor romantic, she is determined to make the most of it by helping him recover from the attempt on his life and snare the one responsible.

Tropes: Amnesia, Protector Woman, Forbidden Love
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Book Length: 650+ Pages