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By Mar Mills

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Apart never meant they were over.

Ty Firestone always knew he’d see her again. But he didn’t expect the kick boxing session, his heart started the minute she walked into his ice rink. After years of trying to understand why she left him when they had a plan, he surrendered to heartbreak and focused on his ice hockey career and the fractured family he’d do anything to protect. With a career shift in the works and his family secrets about to spark, the last thing Ty needs is to let Karis Hill back into his life. But she’s the only thing he wants.

Karis Hill never planned on seeing Ty again. But when she packs up her hard-won independence and heads home to help her withering family, Ty Firestone is taking care of more than he should. Immersed in the ins and outs of family life, regret starts to break apart the impossible choices she made to save herself and the ones she loved. No matter how good his hands still feel, forgiveness is out of the question. She won’t be responsible for holding him back from the one thing he’s always wanted.

No excuses. There’s always room for love.
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ISBN: 9798224012060

Book Length: 320-650 Pages