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His to Own

By Ava Gray

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He’s supposed to marry her older sister, but he can’t stay away…

The mafia world is cold and cruel. I live by one rule - cut their throat before they cut yours. It’s what keeps me ruthless and on top of my mafia family. 
But when I see something I like, I take it. It’s no different with Alessia DeLuca, who’s supposed to marry my rival… while I’m marrying her older sister.
When Alessia sees something she shouldn’t, kidnapping her is the only logical answer…
Taking her cherry sure isn’t.

Ever since I met him in a mix-up, I’ve been intrigued by Miceli Rossi. He says he always gets what he wants, and it’s obvious he’s obsessed with one thing only… me.
He can force me to marry him. He can even force me to wear his ring.
But I’ll make sure I’m the worst wife he could have.
Anything to make sure he doesn’t realize how much I want him.

His to Own is book one of the Mafia Kingpins series. This is a full-length standalone novel with these tropes: age gap, mafia, V-card, surprise pregnancy. Guaranteed happy ending!


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Ava Gray