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Knocked Up by Daddy's Best Friend

By Sofia T Summers

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What’s dumber
than being betrayed by the love of your life and watching him cheat on you with
your best friend?


Falling for
your daddy’s best friend and setting yourself up for another heartbreak…


Joel was just
trying to console me.

Or at least that’s
what he told himself… and I believed him.

And so, I let him
get close.

Really close.


Joel was supposed
to be the “safe” guy.

But instead, his
love for my curves became a problem for both of us.

My dad found out.

His ex-wife began
wanting him back.

The barriers kept
getting higher until neither of us wanted to deal with them.

It would’ve been
easy to walk away if…

I hadn’t gotten

Running was
now no longer an option… or was it?


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Sofia T Summers