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The Necklace IX - Surrey, 1815

By Linda S Rice

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It’s been three years since James’s father, Viscount Winston Lynton, died mysteriously in a carriage accident in Vienna, his fob watch and signet ring missing from his recovered body. When Caleb and Sir William recover the watch and return it to Lady Emily, questions arise surrounding the accident, especially when Lord Marcus Stone, a fellow antiquities collector of the Lyntons, surfaces in Surrey inquiring about the watch.
Meanwhile, James and Lady Susanna have been granted permission to marry, and a wedding is planned for the end of October. But then Lady Emily, James’s mother, falls into a coma after being struck by a falling tree in her garden causing Lady Susanna to risk her own health by stubbornly refusing to leave her bedside. And when Susanna is later struck down by a Scarlatina outbreak at Hollingsworth Manor, James fears for her life. After all, there are no antibiotics in 1815 Regency England.
The wedding is again postponed to Christmas Day. Will James and Susan finally marry? Or will another calamity befall them when the Duchess of Bradford, Susanna’s mother, who is opposed to the match, returns to Surrey unexpectedly?
Will James and Susan ever marry? Will the mystery surrounding the late viscount be solved?
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages