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Tempting Tempo

By Michelle Mankin

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He sees her in a way she could never see herself. She has never felt more beautiful than when she was in his arms.

Sager Reed, the strong and silent bassist of the rock band Tempest, is well acquainted with loss. The thoughtful artist’s own tattoos only hint at his turbulent youth. He buries his guilt about it deeply within his troubled heart.

Melinda T. Belle, the daughter of a dysfunctional rock legend, as a rule avoids emotional entanglement. In fact, she has turned her back on nearly everyone and everything she has ever known. Now she is alone, trying desperately to find fulfillment in the one dream she has left, competitive skiing.

Can Sager overcome his dark past and finally believe that he is worthy of her love? Will Melinda realize too late that he is the one that really matters?


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Michelle Mankin