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Kings & Corruption

By Sadie Hunt

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★★★★★ "Scorching, sizzling chemistry!!"

I hate them.
They want me.

I only came to Blackwell Falls to find my missing sister. First on my list of suspects: the notorious Kings of Aventine.

Now I’m forced to live with the three men I can’t afford to trust.

Rock tries to fool me with a soft touch, kind blue eyes, and the nurturing I secretly crave.

Brooding, dark-eyed Oscar takes pictures of me when I’m not looking and tempts me with his piercings, inked skin, and honeyed words.

And then there’s Neo: King of Kings. Savage street fighter. Bully.


He wants me as much as he hates me.

I came to Aventine ready for anything — except falling for the three gorgeous men who might have hurt my sister.

Will they be my saviors — or my destroyers?

Kings & Corruption is a dark New Adult college romance featuring ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS, BULLY, LOVE/HATE, and STEPBROTHER tropes. It contains themes and situations some readers may find uncomfortable. If you're at all unsure whether this book is for you, please read the note at the beginning of the book, which includes a detailed CW.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages