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Addicted to Santino

By Amarie Avant

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Santino Morelli is Tall. Dark. And oh so dirty . . .

When we first met, Santino called me “crazy, with a stick wedged between my . . .”
Yes, he went there.
He had the nerve to sound delectable while speaking in Italian.
Santino’s captivating eyes filled with surprise when he learned I’m bilingual, as I chewed him out.
Let me clarify, I placed the Italian and his muscles in a box labeled “for stress relief only.”
Maybe Santino’s ability to worship and show affection lessened my convictions.
I learned my lesson though, a couple of weeks before Christmas.
Goodbye, Dirty Santino!

Gina “The Grinch” Galloway shattered my heart.
Full disclosure: I took a few stripper gigs, but I only had eyes for her.
I’m a blue-collar, pipe laying—literally, ladies, I’m a pipe layer, and I’m good at it.
I needed to buy an engagement ring for the woman I admired as strong-willed, not Ms. Scrooge.
Forget a second chance romance.
Once I return the smile to Gina’s gorgeous face, she’ll le


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages