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Tulsa Trespass - Tulsa Series #3

By Norma Jean Lutz

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Tessa Jurgen knows all too well that prejudice and hatred do not vanish overnight. Because of her past, the man she loves has been falsely arrested and thrown in jail. Because of her past she cannot forgive herself or her adversaries, and she cannot begin to share her burdens with the Lord.
Yet her happy memories keep resurfacing. When Gaven MacIntyre asked her to marry him, Tessa felt secure and cherished for the first time in her life. Now those memories leave only a bitter aftertaste.

There’s turmoil in Tulsa, and also in the brave heart of one woman. Will Tessa be yet another victim of an unforgiving world? Or the victor lifted high by the only force greater than hate?


ISBN: 978-0-9859571-2-4

Book Length: 150-320 Pages