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Bossy: The Mountain Man (Mountains and Curves Book 5)

By Betty Harwin

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Instalove rejected.


Waking up next to a fiercely handsome mountain man, my brother's best friend, forbidden crush, and my grumpy boss is the biggest WTF moment in my life.

Things can't get any worse, right? Wrong. They could get hilariously worse. I discover that I'm snowed in his cozy little cabin for two days. I also discover that there's nothing little about Griff Blackwood. He's a colossal titan with an evergreen scowl that beckons every woman in Thunderbrook to him.

And I'm no exception. Every birthday candle I blew out, I found myself wishing for just one thing: that Giff would finally take notice of me.

And then on my eighteenth birthday, he did.

He noticed I was his best friend's little sister.

He noticed the age gap between us.

He noticed how my lips trembled when I kissed him.

It's been years since that time and I've managed to guard my heart by pretending to hate the man I really loved. But I need to get out of town before I do something completely stupid like end up in his…


Now that Griff has me in his arms he plans on never letting me go. He tells me that I'm his and he's going to claim me.

I don't think I'm leaving his cabin without a ring on my finger or a baby in my belly.

The Mountains and Curves series is the perfect blend of insta-love, small-town romance, and steamy scenes. There's zero cheating, and HEA is guaranteed.

ASIN: B0D3VL4899

Book Length: 0-60 Pages

Betty Harwin