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Date Night

By Silver Vixen

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— Sometimes watching IS the action —

Eastern-European bombshell Sveta always gets attention. Men are prone to turning into puddles at her feet—a bore. However, when a real man, Chris—a connoisseur of many things—becomes her latest devotee, she finds him wholly irresistible.

Though otherwise superlative, Chris proves to still have hang-ups from his prior marriage. Something’s wrong. Will intimacy hinge upon a kink that’s just too wild for Sveta?

As they say, two’s company . . . but maybe three’s just right.

Intense attraction, honesty, and playfulness will intertwine throughout this most delicious date replete with untold firsts.

If you enjoy short steamy stories without errors stopping the momentum and minimal profanity, this standalone book with a storyline, unapologetic sex scenes, no cliffhangers, and HEA is your kind of read.

All characters are consensual adults in Erotica Wonderland.


Book Length: 0-60 Pages


Silver Vixen