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The Earl's Debutante Debacle

By Maggie Dallen

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"Any young lady would be lucky to marry the Earl of Yardley. Perhaps he failed to mention that to Lady Daphne." - Lady Greta, lovely woman, terrible gossip

Lady Daphne could have her pick of husbands, but she has very particular requirements—namely, the older and more decrepit the better. Actually, knocking on death's door would be nice. Because while being a wife holds little appeal, being a widow sounds quite lovely.

Which is why, for Daphne, the Earl of Yardley, does not fit the bill. The earl is far too young and virile...and much too handsome. So it’s fortunate that the earl doesn’t like her either. What was it he’d said... Too clever by half and with a penchant for trouble?

Except, her latest scheme is brilliant and it will get them both what they desire most. The only hitch? They'll have to play nice and fool the ton into thinking they like each other. And it goes without saying that Daphne mustn't fall for the Earl in the process. But, as it turns out, handsome, young, virile earls are devilishly difficult to resist...


Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Maggie Dallen