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The Winning Heart

By Norma Jean Lutz

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Living under the oppressive thumb of her controlling older sister is difficult. But Kassie is committed to fulfill her late grandfather’s wish—for the two sisters to rebuild their relationship.

Life with her successful sister, Glorene, in a large Virginia metroplex is in stifling contrast to Kassie’s former life on the Double-C ranch in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming.

In Glorene’s dark and double-dealing political circle, Kassie meets the complex, troubled Loren, who shares Kassie’s passion for horses.

Struggling to discover her own path, Kassie butts heads with not only her sister, but Loren’s angry, menacing father.In a world where trust appears to be the exception rather than the rule, Kassie’s own identity becomes blurred and confused.

Where is the wild and free cowgirl, whose winning heart belongs first to the Lord? And what will it cost to find her?
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ISBN: 978-1-947397-07-1

Book Length: 150-320 Pages