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Red Fork Roots - Tulsa Series #5 - Sequel

By Norma Jean Lutz

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By 1933, the Great Depression has reached its tentacles into the small town of Red Fork, Oklahoma. There, following her oil-magnate father’s fortune-loss and subsequent suicide, Lucie Patton is struggling to discover who she is and where she fits. Wesley, her airplane-flying brother, has no such problem.

The purchase of a combination store and filling station thrust them into a new world of commercial enterprise. Meanwhile, the folks of Red Fork aren’t sure what these two former rich kids are up to.

Readers of the Tulsa Series books will recognize characters who, in this sequel, surround Lucie and Wesley with friendship and encouragement as they transition from millionaire status to slogging it out with the rest of the country.

When a hobo, named Nathan Anderson, chooses to cease “riding the rails,” and remain in Red Fork, interesting past connections to the town begin to weave him tightly into the lives of the Patton siblings.

That’s when things start popping for Lucie.


ISBN: 978-1-947397-04-0

Book Length: 150-320 Pages