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Heroes, Holidays, and Hope (Vol. 2)

By Dania Voss

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Sacrifice. Valor. Patriotism.

They fought courageously on the battlefield. Now they’re fighting for love.

We are a group of Veterans and Veterans' family members who are also bestselling and award-winning romance authors. We are back with our second limited edition,
military holiday romance collection that also supports Soldiers’ Angels (whose mission is to provide aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families.).

Do you believe in Halloween magic? The stories in our second edition are contemporary military romance taking place around and during Halloween. From closely held secrets, to ghosts, sexy adult costume parties, and things that go bump in the night - this a bewitching “must have” collection. With various tropes and steam levels, there is something for every reader to enjoy.

Heroes, Holidays, and Hope (Vol. 2) is only available for 6 months after launch day, then it’s gone for good as we prepare for Volume 3!

Come out from the shadows and pick up your copy today (gift some copies too!) – together we can make a huge difference.

Participating authors include: Laura M. Baird, Caterina Campbell, Lynn Spangler, D.C. Stone, Sadira Stone, Dania Voss

Find us online and get all the details about the Heroes, Holidays, and Hope Project!

Website – https://www.heroesholidaysandhope.com
Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/hhhsupportersgroup
Merch store - https://heroesholidaysandhope.myspreadshop.com/
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Book Length: 650+ Pages