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Velvet Kingdom

By B. B. Hamel

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My hot-as-sin boss just caught me taking dirty selfies.

My relationship is falling apart, so I decide to spice things up by snapping some steamy pics at the office.

Seems like a great idea until my gorgeous-but-terrifying boss, Renzo Rossi, walks into the room as I’m contorting in the mirror. Completely. Freaking. Topless.

And he’s not shy about complimenting my pose.

Life gets even worse when my boyfriend breaks up with me and skips town with all my stuff.

Dumped, humiliated, and at rock bottom, I’m seriously considering joining a nunnery, if those are still a thing.

When Renzo drops a bombshell:

His arranged wife went on the run and he’s desperate to find a replacement.

He wants me to marry him and carry his surrogate child for the casual sum of five million dollars.

Turns out, the Rossi Famiglia is one of the five biggest mafia organizations in the city of Philadelphia, and Renzo needs an heir to maintain his legitimacy.

My life can’t get worse, right? And anyway, this is just a temporary deal.

Except one nighttime visit turns into two, which turns into three, and soon I can’t get him out of my bedroom.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages