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A Widow's Post (American Western Justice)

By Jesse Storm

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The days of Sheriff Russel Gallant are mostly filled with tracking down missing heirlooms and sorting out drunken cattle hands at the local saloon. That all changes when an outlaw gang set up camp outside Parsons’ Trading Post and being to threaten the widow who runs it.

James Hawkes and his gang plan to take over the post to establish a route for rustlers to run stolen cattle into lawless regions to the east. And widow Sally Parsons is in their way.

Sally is not giving in without a fight. But she also has to protect her kid, Clive.

Sheriff Gallant finds an unlikely ally in beautiful Sally, and they must confront the Hawkes gang head on. Their duty is not only to keep the outlaws at bay, but also to save the fate of the entire town.
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Jesse Storm