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Little Miss Hap: Coming of Age Historical Romance

By Zerry Greenwood

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Mishaps in the military are never overlooked and Salina was no exception.
When Salina Hackett fell out of the stagecoach at Captain Stetson's feet, he never imagined the turmoil she would unleash in his life. Despite their growing attraction, Mark had no intention of risking his military career for this bit of trouble wrapped in cotton and lace. Unfortunately, the moment he realized he wanted to spend his life with her, Salina vanished, and he received a transfer. Was Sergeant Hackett’s spitfire daughter lost to him for good?
Salina Hackett, dubbed Little Miss Hap by the Cavalry, spent her life doing as she pleased, until the day the beautiful Irish army brat entered Fort Salubria. Captain Mark Stetson with his piercing stare and handlebar mustache stirred in her a desire to leave behind her foolish past. Regrettably, the death of her father meant Salina no longer had a home with the military, while Cold-Stone Stetson’s indifference left her with little expectations of love. Would this cruel world ever lead her down a road of happiness?

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