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Back to Me: The Boys Nextdoor Series ( A Contemporary Reverse Harem Series)

By J. Grace

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Growing up, life was easy. I had great parents, great friends, great loves. I thought life would always be this way. Boy, was I wrong. I never dreamed that my life would take the turns it has, I never thought I’d be a single mother moving back to her childhood home, but here I am, in my old room, surrounded by the happy memories of my past, and a life that seems so far removed from the one I have now.
I don’t even know who that girl is anymore. The girl who couldn’t stop smiling, the girl who danced in the rain, the girl who everyone wanted to be. I hate that I’m jealous of her sweet innocence and rosy colored outlook on life. I hate that I feel like a stranger in my own life. Still, if I could go back and tell myself all the things that I know now, I wouldn’t because as much as I can’t relate to that girl anymore, some part of me hopes that while I’m home, I’ll be able to find my way back to the girl I used to be.
Little did I know that my mother, the schemer, had the very same thought.
In less than two weeks, she has managed to turn my life upside down again by shoving four boys from my past in my way, whether I want her to or not.
I have far too much to deal with already. I don’t need dreamy eyes, corded muscles, and whispered promises added to the already chaotic mix. And even though, in spite of what I say to them, it’s getting harder to deny that the attraction and the feelings I had buried deep in my heart when we went our separate ways are growing.
I don’t know how much longer my resolve will hold with the four of them pressing on my boundaries. I can already feel the cracks spreading. But what will I do when my resolve shatters completely? Who will I choose when all I really want... is all of them?
**There are triggers of death and illness not mentioned due to spoilers


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages