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Playing For Love: a Second Chance Sports Romance

By Stephanie Queen

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Superstar NFL quarterback Gabriel Wyatt loves football more than anything. Until he falls for that woman he let go back in college--his girlfriend’s best friend.

My girlfriend hates football and hates Boston even more. She moved to Atlanta and is staying there, expecting me to change teams.
But that's only half the problem. Her best friend just moved to Boston and i'm supposed to show her around while she keeps an eye on me. Mia.
That girl from college I couldn't have, didn't want to start anything with because I knew whatever we had would derail me. Would have compromised my football career.

So what? I had a crush four years ago. I'll show her around. No problem. I could handle it.
Except now I'm falling for my girlfriend's best friend. Hard.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Stephanie Queen