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Cassie's Chase: a novella (Romancing the Spirit Book 3)

By CB Samet

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She keeps a secretive friend. He uncovers a high-stakes scandal.

Neurosurgeon Cassie Chase keeps her heart close and her secrets closer. She's never told anyone about the ghost and friend whom she's known all her life. When she meets the tangible and charismatic Reed McRoy, her resolve to live alone begins to dissolve. But Reed discovers a scandal of fraud and a cover-up someone is willing to kill for. As the danger escalates, will Cassie risk her heart and her career to save Reed with the help of her ghost?

I enjoyed this heartwarming story! It's well written story with wonderful characters. The plot is intriguing and suspenseful with a paranormal twist. I love Cassie and Reed! What a story and what a touching twist on [Wick]. This is a fairly short story and definitely worth reading.” —Booksprout Reviewer

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

CB Samet