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Phoebe's Pharaoh: a novella (Romancing the Spirit Book 4)

By CB Samet

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An ancient Egyptian tomb. The discovery of a lifetime. And a treasure shrowded in danger.

When a ghostly pharaoh solicits Phoebe's help to uncover an ancient tomb, long forgotten, Phoebe Montgomery embraces the task to reunite the ghost with his wife's spirit. On the insistence of her protective brother, Phoebe hires former Marine, Oz Levine. But they aren't the only ones venturing to wake the dead and claim the buried fortune. As the danger escalates, they must trust each other if they’re to escape the tomb alive.

…. Ghosts, action, adventure and romance lifetimes beyond death- what more do you need for a great read?” —Booksprout Reviewer

“…. A great storyline with a story that flowed smoothly from page to page.” —Booksprout Reviewer

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

CB Samet