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Vanessa's Valentine: a novella (Romancing the Spirit Book 5)

By CB Samet

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An undercover DEA agent on the run. A sinister drug smuggler with a vengeance. And Vanessa is caught between them.

Rural physician, Vanessa Watson, escaped the bustling urban ER for a slower pace and more personalized patient care. But when a mysterious stranger climbs into Vanessa's car, bullets start flying. Vanessa saves Seth from imminent danger, but the act of saving a life puts her own in danger.

Five years of undercover work are blown in an instant, and Seth Dellosa loses his partner, Rico, and his identity. On the run for his life, he seeks shelter from his enemies in Vanessa's home. With the help of his deceased partner’s ghost, Seth is under pressure to bring down the drug cartel before they find him and the innocent woman aiding him.

But the Mexican drug smuggler Seth deceived is out for blood and determined to find the traitor who infiltrated his organization.

“AMAZING! A fantastic, well-written read. An intense storyline that holds your attention as you get caught up in the fierce twists and hot chemistry. Plenty of excitement and emotionally heartfelt. A thrilling must-read.” —Bookbub Reviewer

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages