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Billionaire With Benefits

By Alexis Winter

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Note to self: make sure Mr. Sex-on-a-stick on at your gym…
Isn’t your new boss before you shamelessly throw yourself at him.
On another note, double-check he isn’t best friends with your brother either.

Imagine my embarrassment when I walk into his office Monday morning.
All I can think…he’s seen my ass hanging out of my tiny gym shorts.

Trust me, that thought doesn't hang around too long,
He’s 6’4” of solid muscle,
With a mouth that could make a sailor blush,
And determined to make my toes curl.

In my defense, I tried to walk away.
But the moment I tasted his lips,
And felt his hard, chiseled body pressed against mine,
My panties melted and my resolve went out the window.

We laid out the ground rules:
1. No feelings
2. No commitments
3. Nobody finds out

It was all just delicious, secret fun,
Until it wasn’t.
What’s worse, knowing he’s risking everything to be with you?
Or realizing your only option is to break your heart and walk away?

I can’t let him throw his life away for me.
After all, we never promised each other forever.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Alexis Winter