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Wolfe: Colorado Crush Hockey Series (Book 2)

By Susan Rossini

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As one of the grittiest, most talented hockey players in the NHL, my take-no-prisoners approach on the ice helped me to not only survive, but conquer. And I have plenty to conquer. I don’t have time for frivolous things like relationships or expressing feelings that are nobody’s business.

So why does a boss cupcake baker seem to have me wound tighter than the apron strings around her narrow waist? I don’t even eat sweets, and yet I find myself in her bakery just as often as I am at the rink.

Something’s gotta give in this push and pull between Aspen and me. Something’s gotta break. And I can guarantee it won’t be me.

Wolfe is the second book in the Colorado Crush Hockey series filled with a tattoo-covered alpha male and a red-headed siren who helps him discover a world outside of grief and pain.

Hockey, happy endings and lots of steam await you now in Wolfe.


ISBN: 9798201153380

Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Susan Rossini