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250 Romantic Ideas For Couples: Volume 1

By Denise Brienne

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If you are looking for romantic ideas to use for any occasion this is the book for you.

Denise Brienne gives you 250 romantic ideas to use anytime of the year.

Jam packed with only the best and most unique ideas this books has it all. Need an idea for something romantic to do on the cheap.

It's in here.

Want to surprise your partner with something special just for them.

Gotcha covered.

Need that something extra for a birthday or anniversary?

No Problem.


Birthday Idea #2
Order a cake or inscribed cookie for your partner and leave them clues via text messaging as to where to find their present. Be there waiting for them when they pick it up.

Romantic Date #14
Foreign or Art House Movie. Even if you don’t like art or foreign films, consider this. A large room that is dark, intimate, and sexy. Pick a French film if you can. You’ll understand why.

Day/Evening Idea #3
Send your partner something during the workday. Flowers are great, but think outside the box. How about 11 real roses and one in the center that is artificial with a note that says “I will love you until the final rose fades.”

Dinner Idea #19
Have a picnic INSIDE the house. Lay a blanket on the floor, and set up all of your fixings so they are within arm’s reach.

Gift Idea #15
Write your lover a story with the two of you as the main characters. Be brave and write a story of something that hasn’t yet happened between the two of you that you would LIKE to happen.

PLUS 245 MORE IDEAS just like this waiting to be used on your loved one.

Like nothing else on AMAZON or the Internet this volume 1 is enough to keep you going all year long. NEVER RUN OUT of something romantic to do.

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Denise Brienne