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Believe in Me (Brothers Pub Book 2)

By Kristyn DeMaster

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Since the first moment I met her, I've been pushing
Meg Kennedy away

I have to for both our sakes - but man, is it
tough. Meg's the wildly ambitious BFF of Mia, my best friend's girl, and those
blonde curls, blue eyes, and killer curves of hers turn me on like no other
woman I've ever met. Meg's feisty, funny, and has a heart the size of the
ocean. Being around her is intoxicating.

Which is precisely why she's got no business
being with a guy like me.

As proud as I am of the work I do running the kitchen at
Brothers Pub, that's about as far as my career is ever likely to take me - and
every time I'm around Meg, she just reminds me that I'm stuck where I am, when
the only direction her life and career ever seem to take her is up.

But when Meg turns up at my front door one night, three
sheets to the wind and flat on her back, it doesn't take a genius to figure out
that there's trouble in paradise. It turns out that this high-flying girl has
just as many secrets and insecurities as I do - and when she finally starts
opening up to me about them, it's difficult not to do the same in return. For
some reason, despite how different our lives are, there's a connection between
us that can't be ignored.

But our lives are headed in very different directions - and
it'll take more than just a connection for Meg and me to ever have a chance of
being together. If we really want to make this work, we'll both have to
overcome our demons and do the toughest thing of all: Just believe.

Believe in Me is the second in Kristyn
DeMaster's Brothers Pub series - steamy contemporary romances praised
for characters that readers “care about and root for as a couple" with
"just enough spice to make you go: Ooh la la!"

Welcome to the Brothers Pub series; where the
beer is always cold, the passion is always hot, and a happily-ever-after is
always guaranteed.


ASIN: B094W8W28S

ISBN: 9798201200268

Book Length: 150-320 Pages