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Under the Covers (Lothario Book 5)

By Roz Lee

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Special Agent, Bree Stanton has big plans. As soon as she
solves her current case, she's moving on, even if it means leaving her heart
behind. Falling in love with Drew Whitcomb was never supposed to happen, but
she has no intention of giving up her dreams for a guy who's content to spend
his days judging lewd contests, and pining for his best friend's wife.

Drew's job providing
security for the Lothario's owners is the perfect cover. Keeping an
eye on Bree isn't a hardship but keeping his hands off her is more difficult.
And convincing her to give him a chance is proving to be a mission impossible,
given that she thinks he's still in love with his former partner, now his best
friend's wife. Drew is looking forward to the day he can show Bree the man
under the cover, but until that day, he's going to do all he can to make sure
she won't leave him when he does.

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