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Rose: Feelin Thorny (Jewels Cafe Book 15)

By Jewels Arthur

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Rose drank the pumpkin spice latte and she got the men. Sounds like a happily ever after for this big beautiful vampire woman, right?

Not so fast.

Rose, Dean, Finn, and Sebastian know that someone is targeting Vee with bogus charges, but they don't know who or why.

Could it be a coincidence? An act of passion from an ex? An attack on their vampirism? Or could it be something else entirely?

The attacks go one step too far and Rose finds her once normal life changed dramatically once again.

Will Rose and her men ever get a minute to relax or could this be the end of Vee?

Scroll up for a cute Paranormal RomCom with a Plus-Size FMC, no choosing required!

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Jewels Arthur