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Dare to Look: A Friends to Lovers Romance Novel

By Kyra Fox

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Being secretly in love with your best friend is such a cliché...

Trista and Brian's friendship has always been edged with heat, ever since she hijacked his first kiss at sixteen.
But over the years tragedy struck both their lives, and they leaned on each other for comfort, until their friendship became too important to risk.

when the overwhelm of unrequited feelings becomes too much, Trista decides that putting distance between them is the best way to cope, until a surprise reunion causes buried attraction to bubble to the surface.

Brian isn't the timid genius she remembers leaving behind, and the pull is too hard to resist. Still, years of hiding their feelings from each other have taken a toll on their hearts.

Will the passion burning between them end up incinerating everything that matters to them most?


Dare to Look is the second book in the BFF Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Kyra Fox