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Remnants of You: A Second Chance Romance Novel (BFF Series Book 3)

By Kyra Fox

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How does one accidentally dare their ex to seduce them?
Five years ago Andy shattered Phoebe's heart, leaving her behind after enlisting in the navy.
Today, she walked into a conference room as lead attorney on a career-changing legal dispute, only to find him sitting on the opposite end of the table.

Now she's stuck in his small hometown, and the way Andy looks at her as if she can put all his broken pieces back together is stirring all these pesky emotions she convinced herself she doesn't have for him anymore.
To make matters worse, Phoebe somehow manages to get it into his head that she's challenging him to charm her pants off, quite literally.

Accidentally daring the only man who ever managed to melt your ice-queen heart to seduce you and compromising your career? Definitely a problem...


Remnants of You is the third and final installment of the BFF Series and can be read as a standalone.

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ASIN: B08159DR6G

Book Length: 150-320 Pages